My first organised group shoot

I saw some work on facebook,which i thought was amazing ,it was totally different and exciting,

i made some enquiries and 4 months planning ,lots of messages and arrangements done,

contacted Dena a great model who jumped at the chance,and Silkwood studios who agreed for use of the studio,they also did all the booking enquiries so there were no mistakes,or double booking etc.

The day came ,excitement and nerves was flowing in all of us, would it be done on time

will people turn up, any model or make up issues and was the studio right. ?

While Dorota did her magic and Dena became the creature shown below.

We started setting the lighting up for the sets, I wanted certain lighting to get the best for the theme, starting with headshots simple 1 light set, then went high key so the composite shooters could easily cut Dena out

and transform to distant planets etc, then changed to low key for drama everyone loved it was very atomspheric,

The last 2 sets was a derelict theme and a gels set,everything was in place,to allow the photographers to have a variety of looks without waiting around and using their time creatively.

A total of 3 organised shoots took place during the day, it was a full day for all involved, I am sure you will agree the images speak for themselves

Dorota the Make-up artist did an amazing job whithin the time restraints,

also doing touch up between the groups ensuring everyone got amazing images.

Dena was an amazing model she endured the 5 hour make-up ordeal then performed her magic throughout the day,she did pose after pose and gave it 110 percent,

Finally we finished at 9.30pm all exhausted but very excited at what we had achieved

Q :Was it worth it ? A :100 percent yes

Q:would i do it again ? A: yes 100 percent

Q: Would i change anything? A: No the planning and excecution was perfect ,The venue was idea.,Everyone worked so hard. the results shown below

in conclusion watch this space more to come

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